MidwayR is part of the University of Chicago Secure Data Enclave that provides a secure computing environment to support research with higher security standard requirements. This system is similar to the Midway computing environment but also has been equipped with tools and software needed to meet the highest levels of secure data protection.  Find out more information about MidwayR.

Virtual Machines

This resource is best suited for research that has a lower requirement for compute and does not have a high performance computing aspect to the analysis being completed. These environments are built a la carte to suite the requirements of the contractual agreements and the researcher’s needs. Software, computing requirements, and storage requirements will be gathered by individual consultation with researchers and their staff. Prices for virtual machines can be found HERE.

Secure Rooms

Rooms have been made available on campus at 1155 E. 60th Street. Access to this resource will be limited to those working with data with contractual requirements that state research must be completed in an off-network computer in a locked room. If you have a need to certify a secure room, please contact securedataenclave@uchicago.eduReview the procedures for accessing the secure room.